What a long, strange trip it is. As heard at Rolling Stone, the game developer Curious Sensehas announced that it is working on a Facebook game based on the music and “canon” of the legendary rock band, The Grateful Dead.

While the details are hazy, we do know quite a bit as to what type of experience the game is attempting to create. All of the band members (the late-Jerry Garcia included) will be included in the game, along with audio recordings, photography and artwork. The developer actually has some experience turning the music of 60’s-70’s rock bands into digital game entertainment, having worked previously with REO Speedwagon on PC game Find Your Own Way Homebased on the classic hit of the same name.

The band’s manager, David Lemieux, commented on the project: “The Grateful Dead has always looked for inventive ways to embrace new technology. Curious Sense are lifelong Deadheads who have some brilliant plans to take our fans on a very cool journey. We can’t wait for everyone check out the fun new toys we are building.”

The question is, will this pedigree of being Deadheads be enough to make this a fun game? Adam Blumenthal, CEO of Curious Sense, promises to add multiple mini-games, such as the ability to jam online with Jerry Garcia, as well as the promise that this will not be a typical music rhythm game (such as Rock Band or Tap Tap Revenge). Surely, the game will appeal to Deadheads. The question is, will it appeal to everyone else?