A good publisher can often been seen as a master of teasing information to get gamer’s excited about their upcoming releases, and Gameloft’s latest marketing ploy takes the cake. They’ve unveiled a teaser trailer for an upcoming project that looks heavily inspired by Nintendo’s Zelda franchise, and they won’t spill any more beans about it until they get 3000 people to click a button on Facebook.

Without a title or gameplay details, and nothing but the trailer to go on, Gameloft has created a situation where excited gamers will need to spread the word if they want to learn more about the game. Clearly it seems to be working – after all, I’ve just written this post in the hopes that you might click the button.

The button in question is attached to Gameloft’s Facebook page. Clicking on the “New Game!” tab will bring you to a page that will launch a small Facebook app where you can view the current trailer (pictured above) and add your vote to the count. As of this writing there are 915 votes, so there’s still a ways to go before gamers can learn more about this upcoming release.

Want to add your vote to help get this info unlocked? Click here to go straight to the Facebook app.