ngmoco is well-known for their regular content updates in games like We Rule and We City, but every now and then they do something big. And while the latest update to We City may not be as earth-shaking as the transformations we saw in We Rule Quests or Godfinger All Stars, it does add a section of land that city-builders have been clamouring for: beachfront property.

We City owners have just received a sizable addition that introduces a number of water-themed content choices. From their press release;

“Feeling landlocked lately? Set your sights on new horizons for your city with tons of brand new water-themed content! Maybe you’ll decide to build a bustling shipping port, a ritzy cul-de-sac of waterfront mansions, or an ocean boardwalk sprinkled with amusement park rides. Whatever your style, the new beach, water, and dock tiles in We City will take your metropolis to a whole new level. After you’ve hooked up your city with a prime beach area, reward your hard-working citizens with a relaxing vacation on the new cruise ship!”


Beach and water tiles will be unlocked at level 14, dock tiles at level 18, and a buoy decoration unlock happens right between the two at level 16. Players looking to bring a cruise ship into dock will be able to do so at level 14 by spending Zap, or they can wait to use cash at Level 32.