Eggs in Space offers a scrambled mix of hip presentation and shallow gameplay

If you’re going to do cornball, you have to do it all the way. Fortunately, the developers of Eggs in Space realized this early on, and have pushed the cheesey factor to the extreme. It doesn’t help the gameplay, but wraps this decent timewaster in a cool veneer.

Eggs in Space is an arcade tap-to-shoot game, where you must defeat the evil eggs by tapping them before they collide with your ship. Be careful not to tap the Bad Eggs (yes, that’s what they’re called): the spiral egg, which causes the screen to spin; the bomb egg, which paralyzes you temporarily; or the poison egg, which automatically takes a point off your health bar. Every so often, you’ll encounter a Boss Egg that requires multiple taps to defeat, as well as tapping any projectiles they send your way.

Eggs in Space

The graphics and sound are incredibly campy, but that’s a good thing in Eggs in Space. The music uses plenty of theremin (think the “oooOOOOoooo!” medlodies from cheesy 1950s space epics) and is pretty catchy. Unfortunately, there are only a couple of tracks in Eggs in Space, and there’s no way to use your own music instead.

The different eggs are easy to spot, and are nice and colorful. They’ll weave and dodge, but you’ll never lose track of one, or confuse a regular egg with a Bad Egg.

There really isn’t much more to Eggs in Space, though. There are a ton of achievements for high scores, defeating more waves, defeating a variety of different enemies and so on. In a nice twist, Eggs in Space simultaneously supports both OpenFeint and Apple’s own Game Center. If you’re into high scores and bragging on leaderboards, then you’ll definitely like Eggs in Space.

But other than a short seasonal episode and one more “coming soon” (sigh…), that’s all there is to say about Eggs in Space. It’s a short-lived experience, with little dimension to the gameplay. There’s nothing inherently wrong with it, though. If you’re into simple arcade diversions and like pushing for achievements, then do consider taking a crack at it. If you’re looking for something a little more filling than brunch, let Eggs in Space fly past.