A huge issue for casual gamers today is that with thousands of casual games being released across a variety of fast-moving devices and platforms (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Facebook, Android, flash, HTML 5, oh my!), it’s hard to keep track and find the games you want to play.

Tony Pearce, the former CEO of a company called Player X, has announced that he intends to solve the problem with a new company called Teepee Games.

Teepee Games plans to launch a discovery platform for social, web, and mobile games locate and store their casual games. Based on the press release, gamers will be able to connect up their Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and MySpace through a single log in. The site will make recommendations based on games you play and offer extra value added features around your game play.

The company has raised $500,000 in early stage funding and plans to launch in Q1 2011.

Interestingly, according to PaidContent, Teepee is focusing on social, Android, and flash games, but not iOS (iPhone and iPad) games at launch. Their reasoning is that he thinks it’s too crowded a space. In MBA-speak, it’s a red ocean, whereas Android is blue (or is it green?). The strategy makes sense though the fact is, it’s hard to ignore Apple if you are going to attack this problem of discovery and casual games.

As the owner of an editorial and community site devoted to casual games across multiple platforms, I can personally attest that discovering and covering thousands of games across an ever-changing world of devices and platforms, is a huge challenge. It’s literally the needle in a haystack problem, where the haystack changes everyday.

If Teepee Games has come up with a solution, I’ll be the first in line to check it out.