Push Panic Preview

The first in a slew of iPhone titles from Appular this fall, Push Panic is a frantic puzzle game that’s all about making boxes disappear. And while you won’t need to be a magician to make this happen, you will need to be able to tap up a frenzy.

In Push Panic, players will be tasked with removing like-colored squares from the playing field before they stack up too high and spill out of their container. The squares don’t need to be touching – but you’ll need to be touching the squares. A single tap will highlight a square, and a double tap will remove it (as well as any other like-colored squares you’ve selected). The more squares you eliminate in with a single double tap (or “push” as they call it), the bigger your score.

Push Panic Push Panic

Push Panic Push Panic

We had a chance to go hands on with Push Panic earlier this week, and we definitely liked what we saw. Tapping boxes to make them disappear may sound a little dull on paper, but thanks to a frantic pace, a variety of modes, and random power-ups, Push Panic had no problem holding our interest during our brief experience.

The game offers four different modes, each with a different goal in mind. In Classic, players will attempt to complete level after level by reaching a certain score while eliminating only a set number of blocks. Score Panic, on the other hand, tasks players to get the highest score possible before spilling their blocks over the top – it’s what most would dub the ‘endless’ mode.

These first two modes are joined by Color Panic, a mode where players must stop eight blocks of the same color from appearing at the same time, and Time Panic, where you’ll try to set as high a score as possible in only three minutes.

Want to try your hand and making blocks disappear? You can expect this one to hit the App Store this Thursday, November 18th.