Rovio CEO Peter Vesterbacka likes to dream big. He’s gone on record as saying his goal for Angry Birds is “to get to 100 million paid downloads.” He’s trying to turn his game into a brand, churning out t-shirts, toys, and anything else he can dream up. Heck – there might even be a movie. So what’s next for Rovio’s biggest franchise? Peter spilled the beans at this week’s Social Gaming Summit.

Working solely from the tweets of those in attendance at the London conference this week, Pocket Gamer has put together some interesting pieces of news from Vesterbacka’s speech. Some of it was expected, some surprising, and some just vague enough to drive us crazy with curiousity;

  • there won’t be an Angry Birds 2
  • expect to see a game that tells the Angry Birds story from the pigs point of view
  • Angry Birds will soon be making its way to the Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation Network
  • Multiplayer is on the way and should resemble Worms

Vesterbacka also went on to discuss why Angry Birds is a free ad-supported download on Android (deter piracy) and even take a swipe at FarmVille when discussing in-app purchase: “Instead of selling 100 crappy farm animals we decided to create one Mighty Eagle.”