Didn’t you hear? Smartphones are one of the hottest fashion accessories around. Don’t just take my word for it -ask It Girl. The popular Crowdstar game will be coming to iPhone, iPad, and Android courtesy of the Sibblingz social engine – and it won’t be coming alone.

“With Sibblingz we have already brought Happy Island to iPhone, Android and iPads for our users,” says Niren Hiro, CEO of Crowdstar. “Going forward you will see CrowdStar bring every game we build for Facebook to mobile devices.”

That’s a mighty big declaration. With the exception of the occasional release like FarmVille or Happy Island, the worlds of mobile social games and Facebook social games have stayed largely independent of each other. Sure there might be some copycat games on both services, but no major player on one platform has yet to become a major player on both. If Crowdstar is committing to bringing the entirety of their future catalogue to mobile devices, this could make them the first social company to become a market leader on both Facebook and the App Store.

If they’re looking to dominate both markets, they couldn’t have picked a better title to kick things off. It Girl recently earned a perfect score here at Gamezebo, and that’s no easy feat. Let’s just hope they smarten up on the financial front with this one. If you ask me, the only reason Happy Island‘s App Store iteration didn’t skyrocket to the top of the charts was that – despite swimming in a sea of free alternatives – they decided to charge for the download. Even on the iPhone, people want their social experiences freemium.

We’re not quite sure which device is getting It Girl first, but whichever it is, we’ve been told you can expect the first mobile version to arrive next month.