Exent has launched GameTreat Web App, a free app that allows website owners to offer casual games to their visitors for free. Within minutes, web publishers can embed and customize the app to match the look and feel of their site and begin offer games from a catalog of 250 titles.

GameTreat is built with Exent’s GameTanium technology platform. Games are completely free thanks to an ad-supported business model.

According to Exent, by offering games through GameTreat web publishers can increase the amount of time people spend on their site and increase return traffic, which can generate strong returns from their original advertising, as well as earning direct revenue share from the advertising within the App. In addition, their visitors can share their game scores on Facebook and Twitter, instantly promoting their website to a world of new potential visitors.

“By embedding the GameTreat Web App within their site, web publishers will benefit from new ad inventory and revenues including an increase in return usage and organic traffic to their site,” said Kobi Edelstein, vice president of Exent Technologies and general manager for Free Ride Games.

Exent is the leading global market solutions provider for broadband-based monetization of PC and video games. Exent delivers technologies and products for various markets, including video game publishers, broadband service providers, consumer portals, consumer electronics manufacturers, media companies, ad agencies, brand owners, retailers and others.