Black Chicken Studios has released the second free downloadable content (DLC) pack for Academagia: The Making of Mages. The DLC includes new adventures, events, skills, abilities, spells and more, themed around the College of Vernin. The studio has also released mod tools so that players can create their own stories and mysteries.

In the old world, King Vernin’s realm had many towers, each built according to its own purpose. The King had a magical key which would open each according to his desire, and many treasures were well-hidden within. Vernin was famed for his many gifts, and his vaults were never empty…

What was the foundation of Vernin’s prosperity?

This DLC includes:

  • 9 new Adventures, themed around the College of Vernin: an ancient debt, the secrets of a library, and the Regent’s favor are at stake
  • 20+ new Events, dealing with the various personalities and plans of the Students of Vernin, as well as several diverse Events submitted by the community.
  • 1 new Skill, many new Items, and lots of new Abilities, Actions, Locations and Spells means many new ways to grow your Character.

Academagia is a 2D life simulation PC game for audiences ages 9+, and is parent and child friendly. Our game rewards relationship building, research and knowledge, and encourages the player to create their own individual story each time they play. Role-playing, thoughtful choices and a bit of whimsy permeate game play, and is intended to provide a refreshing alternative to the more violent, destructive and derivative titles in the marketplace.

Academagia: The Making of Mages retails for $24.95 and includes all the fun and adventure of the original game with all new content from College Vernin: The Legacy of the Towers.

If you’ve already bought the game, all downloadable content releases are always included in the latest game patch, which players can download from the Academagia Forum.