See Gobliiins in action thanks to this newly released trailer

Gobliiins fans from the golden age of PC gaming were giddy when it was announced last month that not one, but all three games in the series would be making their way to the iPhone by the end of the year. Now we have a glimpse of the first game in action, courtesy of iPhone games publisher BulkyPix.

Expect this one to hit the App Store soon.

Gobliiins Preview

When most people think of the good ol’ days of Sierra, their minds tend to gravitate towards classics like King’s Quest or Gabriel Knight. Few would have memories of the michievious world of Gobliiins. But publish Gobliiins Sierra did, and players looking to get a taste of this forgotten gem are about to get a chance to do so on their iPhone’s courtesy of BulkyPix.

Players familiar with games like The Lost Vikings should feel right at home with the formula in Gobliiins. Players will solve puzzles using three different goblins, each with their own unique sets of skills. One goblin is a warrior who can punch and climb, for example, while another is a magician with a range of different spells. The final goblin is a technician, and is the only one in the group who can pick up and use items.



While often described as a point and click adventure, the game is actually broken up over 22 levels that need to be completed to finish the game. The story is fairly rudimentary – the king has fallen ill, and the three goblins you guide are on a quest to find a wizard to heal him – but it provides enough of a jumping off point to send our heroes on a quest filled with humor and challenging fun.

Fans of the series will be delighted to know that both sequels are expected to hit the App Store before the end of the year courtesy of Bulkypix. Players looking to jump into the goblins first adventure won’t have long to wait – Gobliiins is expected to arrive on the App Store later this month.