Digital Chocolate moments ago launched a brand new game on Facebook, Hollywood City. Hollywood City is a tycoon and strategy game where you can manage your own virtual entertainment empire. Players can “greenlight” their own film productions, make TV commercials, and TV videos, as well as produce films for different genres, such as horror, drama, and comedy.

Basically, if you ever has dreams of being Steven Spielberg or Ari from Entourage, this social game would probably appeal to you.


It’s interesting that whereas there have been scores of games released this year on Facebook based on the theme of Ancient Rome, this is the first potential big blockbuster (had to say that) based on the Hollywood theme. It would seem obvious that Hollywood is an awesome theme for social games, but it’s also not easy to re-create the magic of movie making virtually (hence, why we have not seen too many games like this yet). We’re review to give our greenlight or not for the game, but based on the game description alone, Hollywood City has potential to be a big hit.

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