Social game companies are going ga-ga over Halloween. Are game developers so amped on candy they are going crazy creating Halloween events? Or, do Halloween inspired events and items sell well (probably more of the latter).

At Gamezebo, we can’t possibly track all Halloween events (we still got to report on all the download and iPhone as well as Facebook games, oh my, and better to let do all the dirty work). We can pick one Facebook game a day to feature and showcase their Halloween theme.

Today we feature: Backyard Monsters, a social tower defense game by The Casual Collective that is all about monsters, so they better be doing some cool Halloween event this weekend!

Here’s the scoop:

  • Two weeks ago, the team at the Casual Collective planted a giant pumpkin in the game backyard of every user and since then, the monsters have been observed trying to get inside.
  • The monsters and myself have no clue what’s inside. But my man on the inside has told me that on Halloween Day, all will revealed and it will involve a trick . . . or a treat for the game players! I know, that was not very revealing. To sign up for this event (300,000 have already), go here.
  • They have also been running a decorate your pumpkin contest. Here are a few of the submissions.


Are you a social games company with a cool Halloween event? If so, contact us and maybe we’ll showcase you next.