Last week, I promised I would detail all the little changes we made to make it easier to find games and information easier on Gamezebo. Alas, I forgot, until now.

  • Find Games: Click “Find Games” to expand the browse menu down. Browse for games based on 36 genres and categories, including 4 new genres (Visual Novel, City Building, Party, and Line Drawing). Browse through our Top rated, New Releases, Coming Soon, or Most Popular lists (the latter based on page views). Or, search for any game by alphabetical order. Close the expanded Find Games menu by clicking “close.” Try it out — it’s fun!
  • Game Updates: This is a feature we have been testing for the past few months which is especially useful for Facebook games that always change and update. We’re working with top blog sites like,, and as well as actual game developers like Playfish and Playdom to automatic share updates to their games on our Gamezebo pages. As examples, check out our FrontierVille and Restaurant City updates. You can then set an alert to be notified every time your favorite Facebook game has an update. If you are a games blog that covers social games or a social game developer with a RSS feed of your game updates, contact us to be included.
  • Related Tags: We added “related tags” at the end of each article of Gamezebo. Let’s say you are reading the new Angry Birds: Halloween review by Jim Squires and are curious to learn more about the game Angry Birds and the developer Rovio. Scroll to the bottom of the review see the Read More related tags. When you click on the tags for Angry Birds and Rovio, you can see all our content about those tag terms. If you want to see everything Jim Squires has written, click on the link on his name on the by-line to see all his reviews (busy boy…). We are adding tags on Gamezebo now for every game, developer, publisher, and writer on the site.
  • Classic Search: Finally, if you like the way our search worked before, here’s a tip. It’s still there. Search for anything and then click “Articles” tab. This is exactly the same search results we were showing as our default before. But now, you can easily click over the “Web” to see the same results on the Internet, or our refined Games Search (Games tab) with shortcuts to our best content for the game.

Again, if you have any suggestions for future features, contact us.