Orbyx Deluxe

Orbyx Deluxe is a brand new version of the Xbox Indie game Orbyx – Mystic Orbs of Chaos that’s been beefed up for PC with extra features, challenges and modes. If you’re wondering what it’s all about, picture pachinko-style gameplay (a la Peggle) combined with a Breakout­-style paddle that you can control the ball with, plus a moveable cannon, pinball bumpers and more.

The goal of Orbyx is to destroy all of the golden orbs on screen by launching a flaming metal cannonball. You get a certain number of cannonballs per level, but unlike regular pachinko your job isn’t done after you’ve aimed and launched the ball. – you’ll get to control a paddle that will bounce the ball back into play and keep the game going.

New features exclusive to the PC version will include:

  • 50 levels across five different realms
  • 100 bonus challenges
  • Online scoreboards where players can compete for the high scores
  • 44 unique magic spell combinations
  • Facebook medals

Orbyx Deluxe

The PC version of Orbyx will also sport a brand new story mode. Here’s the summary straight from the developer’s mouth:

“For centuries the witches protected the earth realms from the forces of chaos, until one day an evil sorceror betrayed their trust and stole their magic powers. He locked their magical energy in a mysterious golden artefact known only as The Orbyx, before smashing it into a thousand tiny pieces. To stop the witches from ever regaining their strength he scattered the golden Orbyx shards throughout the world, hoping they would never be found.

Now for the first time ever the witches have asked the humans for help. As the kingdom’s greatest explorer you have been sent to meet the witches and help recover the shards of the shattered artefact. If you succeed they can restore order to the land once again, but if you fail mankind will be destroyed forever by the forces of chaos. Good luck!”

Orbyx Deluxe

The game boasts an RPG element to it as well, in the form of different spells and charms that you can take with you into each level. You start with one witch guide, Emerald, but can unlock the others by earning Chaos Points.

Orbyx Deluxe is due to launch Oct. 31, 2010.