Heaven’s Diner is a smorgasbord of a Facebook game, combining time management game play with real world food spotting

When I think of a diner in heaven, I imagine red-faced cherubs serving up a medieval feast, but that’s just me. In Heaven’s Diner, players get to serve their best food to the angels on high and even the Gods have to come in for a bite every now and then.

Heaven’s Diner is a fast-paced social time management game (think Diner Dash meets Facebook) but with unique features that extend the game into the real world as well.

The gods envy the ability of man to create heavenly foods on Earth, so players start out by creating their own restaurant in heaven to service the Gods and angels. Players start out by picking your menu from a large variety of real food such as sautéed octopus, pizza and The Spicy Redneck. This is a unique aspect to the game since the good choices are all user generated. Players have the opportunity to take pictures of their own dishes or their favorite restaurant’s dishes and add them to the pantheon of food available where other players can add reviews of the food.

Heaven's Diner

With the menu decided, its time to start serving up the grub. Cherubs visit the restaurant, order one of the items on the menu and players click on the picture to begin preparation. Once finished, click on the thought bubble above the cherub and the food is delivered. As the game progresses, players must not only cook the food, but also choose the proper side ingredients the customer wanted such as salt and tomato.

If the food isn’t ordered correctly or arrives too late, the little darling cherubs get miffed and you are damned to hell forever. Alright, I was just kidding about that last part, but the angels won’t leave satisfied and you won’t get much of a tip.

Heaven's Diner

This is important because the more money you make and experience you get, the higher your level, which opens up more decorations and eventually restaurants. Also, there is a meter that slowly fills when the customers are satisfied and when it reaches the top, a god comes for dinner. You had better get it right when Athena comes calling or the thunder and lightning will show her disappointment.

Players will also have the opportunity to hire special waiters that can help decrease preparation time and other game enhancers.

There is an important social aspect as well with players able to visit friend’s restaurants to enchant or ask for energy and also rate their food. There are also plans to take things to the next level by adding a geo-location layer through an iPhone application that will allow players to upload images from local restaurants and have it appear in the game as well. The iPhone application will also allow players to engage in quests using local restaurants for rewards that tie back to the Facebook game.

Heaven's Diner

Heaven’s Diner was fast paced and I had a difficult time keeping up with the orders, especially when they added in the extra ingredients. This is definitely a game of skill and not just a standard restaurant simulation. It does a great job of keeping pace a good and I was generally thrilled and concerned when the gods showed up.

Heaven’s Diner plans to take social games to the next level by combining many different elements: time management game play, user-generated content, real world quests, geo-location, and food spotting. Whether all these elements combine together to create a dish worthy of a Michelin star or end up being an inedible mess is to be seen. So far, though, we like the taste of it.