Tiki Toss 3D Review

Beach sports are a great way to pass the time while enjoying the blistering heat of the sun. Pub sports are a great way to pass the time while keeping out of the frigid and unforgiving cold. Tiki Toss 3D, it would seem, is a game born out of both environments. At the very least, it’s the sort of game that would be a welcome addition to any pub or beachside patio.

In theory, Tiki Toss 3D should have infinite appeal to the Skee-Ball crowd. A game that’s similar in spirit yet wholly unique in gameplay, this tropical challenge tasks players to swing a ring tied to a rope onto a hook that’s screwed into a board. Every time you get the ring on to the hook, you score a point. It’s as simple as that.

But simple isn’t always a good thing. Sure there’s a great deal of challenge in actually getting the ring on to the hook, but Tiki Toss 3D offers little more than what we’ve just described. Different modes simply change the number of throws you’ll have. Modifiers spring up at random, offering things like 5x the points if you manage to score on a certain turn, or daring you to go double or nothing – but these little tweaks do nothing enhance the overall gameplay.

Tiki Toss 3D Tiki Toss 3D

It’s not that the Tiki Toss experience is dull or uninteresting – but it does manage to get repetitive. Had the developers decided to stray from their accurate portrayal of the beachside sport and incorporate features that you could only see in a video game – offering multiple targets, or making the hook move, or changing its height after each throw – you’d have a solid title with a great deal of variety. Instead you’re left with the same experience throw after throw.

Tiki Toss 3D doesn’t even offer a multiplayer component, forcing you to check OpenFeint leaderboards if you’re interested in engaging in the naturally competitive nature of the game. A game like this is simply begging for pass’n’play.

The presentation here is something of a mixed bag as well. Visually the game more than holds up, offering a charming beach resort vibe with some basic 3D modelling. The music is the best part of the package, offering up some outstanding modern tunes with a Carribbean influence. But the game is often hampered by it’s annoying sound effects and commentaries from other beach folks, who are constantly telling you things like “Dude, get it together,” and “yeah buddy!”

Tiki Toss is simple, engaging fun – but due to a total lack of variety, it gets old real quick. If you’re already a fan of the beach sport, or don’t mind that the game feels identical from your first throw to you last, you’ll find that Tiki Toss 3D should more than satisfy your quotient for a quick yet challenging experience. If you’re the type of gamer who demands more from their iPhone purchases, you’re going to find this offer to be as skimpy as the bikini-clad folks you’d normally find playing it on the beach.