Home Fest – Game Introduction

Home Fest is a Facebook game developed by Atommica that caters to party animals through game play. Party all night, decorate your crib with decorations and entertainment that suit your theme, and choose your club’s vibe with music ranging from pop, reggae, dance or even R&B. These are just a few of the things you can do to get started playing Home Fest by referring to this quick start guide.

Quick Start Guide

Design your Club

Get ready to tap into your interior design talent and start designing your club with furniture, wallpaper, floor tiles and entertainment. An icon is seen below, just above the neighbor’s list that tells you to “glam it up”, which you can click on to show different types of decorations for you to choose from.

As expected, not all of the decorations are available and will only be unlocked once you reach the required level. Start off with the cheapest items and once you’ve earned enough money, you can choose to sell old items by dragging them to the cashier. The item will be sold half the original price.

Home Fest

If you’re just starting, be scarce with wallpapers and floor tiles. Focus on furniture such as chairs, tables, lamps and other miscellaneous items. This will help increase your happiness level. You see this on the right side indicated by the five emoticons.

Home Fest

Choose your Music Style

It’s now time to pick your music style, which is going to be played at your parties. Are you a rocker or perhaps you prefer to play reggae or dance tunes? You can choose from five styles by clicking on the speaker icon, shown at the lower right, just above the neighbor’s list.

Home Fest

Do you like just one or all? No problem. You can click as many as you want and the sample tracks will randomly be played at your party. Take note there is an option for you to buy the whole song by clicking on the “buy song” button. This will take you to Amazon for you to continue with the purchase.

Dress up for the Party

Ready to party? Hold on. You have to dress the part. Get a makeover by clicking on the icon that looks like a mannequin. You can now choose to change your hair style, facial features, skin and hair color, wardrobe and shoes.

Home Fest

Since the game is new, the choices are pretty limited but enough to tickle your fancy and get the basic look you’d like to achieve. Most items can be bought and the fancier items cost more.

Hire to Start a Party

Hugo, your mentor, is now offering some of his protégés to help you out with your parties. Choose from Ramon, Anibal, Sonja, Platero or Jimmy to start your party. Each has its corresponding time and cost, depending on how long you can stay online.

If you have about an hour to spare, choose Anibal and you get a $5 coin discount for her services versus hiring Ramon. The best of course would be to hire Jimmy since you get a hefty discount for his services.

Home Fest

Now, the question is whether hiring Jimmy is always the best choice when it comes to earning more money. You may have saved on your costs, but your earning potential can be maximized when you have the right variables. These are the number of guests you can accommodate and attractions you have.

Decorate to Receive More Guests

The maximum number of guests you can accommodate on a certain time is dependent on how much decorations you have. For most games, decorations are for aesthetics purposes but in Home Fest, the more decorations you have the number of guests will increase. Take note we’re talking about decorations here like furniture and not wallpapers or even attractions.

Each time you add a decoration, say a chair or table, and your happiness level is maximized, you add 1 guest. Some may think leveling up will increase the number but nope, this time it is how much furniture you add. I’ve seen some players that are only on level 8 and they have more than a dozen guests.

Since each new guest earns you 2 coins and 2 experience points, multiply that with the number of guests you have. It’s simple. More guests, more money.

Attend to your Guests

Another way of earning is to attend to your guests. You’ll notice a thought bubble appear on some of your guest’s head. They are asking for a drink or would like to dance with someone in the party.

Home Fest

Help them out and you’ll get 10 experience points and 10 coins as a reward. Staying online longer is beneficial because you’ll get the chance to earn that extra reward on top of the door fee and your attraction’s revenue.

Here a tip: You can also attend or help your neighbor’s guests when you visit them. Stay a little bit longer during an ongoing party and you’ll notice those thought bubbles appear.

Bring in Some Entertainment

Adding attractions or entertainment in your parties is a money maker. The basics would be adding a bar and of course a DJ. They earn you about 120 coins. Make sure to collect when it reaches 100%. This way, the cash register for each attraction is empty again for it to start earning again.

Home Fest

It’s recommended to upgrade the attractions instead of buying new ones when you are still starting. The more expensive items may earn more but it is cheaper to upgrade and your earnings will increase quicker. Once you more money to spend, then invest on high valued attractions which will start earning you at around 240 or even 320 coins once it’s filled up.

Help Clean Up Other Parties

Don’t forget to check out your friend’s parties. They need help to clean their place. You’ll find cigarette butts lying around, some spilled drinks and even a golden statue of Hugo. You can check every few hours if there is new trash to be picked up but this usually appears after your friend’s party is over. The golden statue appears every 24 hours. Each visit to a neighbor’s crib will let you pick up about 3 items. Take note it gets tricky looking for them when your friend’s place is filled up with decorations.

Home Fest

Your world has just expanded! You can now visit other player’s cribs and check out their parties. In the neighbor’s list, on the right side, you’ll see a “world” icon. Clicking on that will show the top 20 players in the world. You can help clean their trash as well, if it hasn’t been picked up by another player.

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