With so many games being released these days, it’s a challenge to keep up.

With that in mind (and based on popular demand from our users), we released improvements and new search features to make it easier to search, find, and discover anything on Gamezebo:

  • Improved search box: We have simplified our search box to make it easier to use. Now all the “options” are on the search result pages (more on that below). Simply type in what you are looking for and hit return or “enter.”
  • Improved game results: When we looked at our internal data, we noticed that the majority of searches on Gamezebo were for specific games. So, we have made it much easier to find games you are looking for and the related content. When you search for a game, we’ll automatically show you results including game information, our ratings, and links to our review, preview, walkthrough and forum for the game. To see the search results for “Women’s Murder Club,” click here.
  • Expanded Search Results: Let’s say it’s not the name of the game you are looking for but actual content? No problem. Type in your search and click on the tabs on top to view the different search options. Click “Articles” to search for any related article on Gamezebo. In the unlikely event we don’t have what you are looking for on Gamezebo (we strive to cover it all!), we have added a “Web” tab to search for anything on the entire Web (all within Gamezebo)! So, if you have a question about a game but it is not answered on Gamezebo, now you can find out from our search if the answer is on any of the 1000’s of other great sites on the Web.
  • Auto-complete me: We have programmed our search box to help you find the games you are looking for, even if you don’t know the full name of the game. Our search technology will try to guess what you are looking for (just like Google does) as you type in the name of the game. And if you search for the partial name of the game, we’ll show you all game results with games with similar terms. Click here to see the search result example for “Women’s Murder Club.” As you’ll see, we show you all the results of related games in our system.
  • Follow me with Alerts: We have added a button to set an alert to follow our updates on the games within game search results. Now, it’s easier to follow games on Gamezebo and be updated when we post our reviews and walkthroughs for games!
  • People Search: Due to popular demand, we have made it easier to find your friends on Gamezebo and make new ones. Type the user name in search and then click “People.” This will list anyone with that or a similar name, and one click access to send a private message, send a kudos, or request to add as a friend.

There are many other new features we added today to make it easier to find related Gamezebo articles or new games or updates for games to play. But, I’ll save that for tomorrow’s post about new features on the site.

Thanks and please contact us with any feedback or other suggestions. We hope you like the new improvements and that the new features help you find all the games information you are looking for. Keep coming back to see what’s next up our sleeve!