Well that didn’t take long. With only 10 days of availability under its belt, Cut the Rope has already sold one million copies. According to publisher Chillingo, that makes Cut the Rope the fastest-selling game in the history of the App Store. Considering what experts they are on top-sellers – they are the publishers behind Angry Birds, after all – I’m inclined to believe it.

Cut the Rope‘s popularity has skyrocketed throughout recent days as fans eagerly share with others how addictive and fun the gameplay is on iOS devices,” explains Chris Byatte, Director of Chillingo. “We are thrilled to see Om Nom’s fame spread across the world and are collaborating with developer ZeptoLab to bring fresh new updates, which will be revealed soon.”

The overnight success of Cut the Rope reminds me a little of the iPhone hardware situation. It may sound like a strange comparison at first, but there are definitely parallels. In the hardware world, everyone is trying to come up with the next “iPhone killer.” But the only thing that ever manages to kill it is – you guessed it – a new iPhone.

In the world of iPhone gaming, everyone is desperate to become the next Angry Birds. It should come as no surprise, then, that the game that has finally managed to unseat Angry Birds from its #1 spot in the App Store (at least for the last 10 days) is another gem published by Chillingo.

So what are you waiting for? Are you one of the million strong who’ve cut the rope already? If not, maybe our review can help change your mind!