We Doodle sketches it’s way into our Pictionary-loving hearts

What Words With Friends was to Scrabble, We Doodle is to Pictionary: a play-when-you want take on a popular board game. But it’s also more than just a bare bones version of the popular game, as We Doodle spruces things up with a delightfully charming art style and even some light RPG elements to keep things interesting.

The premise of the game is incredibly simple: one player is given a word, then has to draw that word while everyone else has to guess just what it is. In We Doodle, the drawing round consists of one player creating four pictures. For each drawing, the game will present you with a word. If you don’t like that word you can skip it with a simple swipe of your finger and you’ll be given a different one. This can only be done twice, however, so if you don’t like the third word you’re given, too bad: you’re stuck with it.

We Doodle We Doodle

Once your turn is done, the onus then falls on the rest of the players to figure out just what word you were attempting to draw, within a certain time limit. Right answers will earn points for both the person drawing and the person guessing, and whoever has the most points at the end of the game is the winner. We Doodle can be played live with other players online, where players make their guesses immediately after a drawing is completed, or by using push notifications. In this mode, once a player is finished a notification will be sent to the person whose turn it is next. This allows you to play at your own pace, and gives the game a great pick-up-and-play quality. Games can either be played with strangers, or with friends on the Plus+ network.

The actual drawing aspect of the game is great, and does a lot to help woeful artists. The pencil art style makes almost everything look good, no matter how poorly it’s drawn. But there are also several tools to help you along the way, such as different colored pencils and even stencils of certain objects. Not all of these tools are available from the beginning, as you earn both cash and experience the more you play, which is then used to purchase and unlock additional content. The additional tools aren’t necessary to play, but they do add a bit of variety and can serve as a helping hand for those who aren’t artistically inclined.

Wrapping We Doodle up is a playful art style that covers everything from the title screen to the various menus. The whole game has a roughly sketched look that looks like it was drawn by a child and is perfectly in keeping with the game’s theme. It may not be all that original, but We Doodle manages to re-package the Pictionary formula and adapt it perfectly to the iPhone, while at the same time adding its own unique sense of style.