If you haven’t had a chance to play Cut the Rope yet, we suggest you do. It’s quickly becoming an iPhone sensation. It’s so popular, in fact, that it’s managed to unseat Angry Birds from the #1 paid app spot for the last 7 days. Some say it’s so popular because of its fun physics puzzling. Others say it’s due to its charming art. But for us? It’s all about the Om Nom.

Om Nom, the hungry little critter that constantly craves candy, is the star of Chillingo’s latest venture — and now you can have an Om Nom of your very own! Cut the Rope‘s developer zeptolab has posted up a papercraft project on their website, which you can find here. Here’s the final product;


For those not in the know, papercraft is a neat way to make three-dimensional models by folding sheets of paper. It’s like 21st century origami for the geek chic crowd. No glue or tape is required – just the ability to cut and fold.

Interested in more papercraft? The Om Nom craft originally appeared on Cubeecraft.com – a site with hundreds of different folding projects to choose from. Pick up some thick paper and get snipping!