Halloween may be celebrated on October 31 for the rest of the world, but in NightClub City, Halloween starts today.

Booyah has released the following treats to Nightclub City:

  • A new haunted house location where players can move to a “Nightclub on Elm Street” groove.
  • Players can throw Halloween parties to earn bonus points, items, and game cash
  • A new premium wall drink storage
  • New celebrities, Halloween costumes, and theme pack decors

Just as hip and exciting, the game features new music from will.i.am, Nicki Minaj, Tesla Boy, A Common Boy, and the one band I know, Scissor Sisters. Bring on Duran Duran and I will am there!

This is the first of many Halloween themed items and game fare coming soon to the casual game world. When we’re not partying, we’ll be here to report it! Go to Nightclub City to start Halloween now.