Age of Zombies Preview

This past summer, fans of zombies and running combined to enjoy Halfbrick Studios’ run’n’gun hit Monster Dash. Now only a few months later, Halfbrick is already announcing a follow-up of sorts. Age of Zombies will take Monster Dash‘s Barry Steakfries on a trip through time in the Studios’ first twin-stick shooter.

Similar in gameplay to titles like Minigore and Pirate’s Treasure, Age of Zombies will take players on a journey through five different worlds where they’ll blast all sorts of monsters into the ground. Expect to see zombie cavemen, mummies, ninjas, and even a zombie T-Rex.

In addition to the world-travelling story mode, Age of Zombies will also offer a survival mode with global leaderboards to test the mettle of high score junkies everywhere.

Age of Zombies

Age of Zombies

Age of Zombies seems to retain that same whimsical sense of humor that iPhone gamers first encountered with Monster Dash. A quick read of the game’s official synopsis shows that this game seems to take itself no more seriously than its predecessor;

“Upon arriving at the laboratory of the evil Professor Brains, Barry discovers a plot to destroy mankind by sending zombies throughout time to wreak havoc! As a pro-shooting kind of guy, Barry rises to the challenge and steps through the portal, determined to save the world and make it home in time for dinner.”

While it may seem like a follow-up for the iPhone faithful, Age of Zombies technically predates Monster Dash by about 6 months having appeared on the PSP Minis platform last winter. Still, don’t think this is simply Halfbrick’s attempt to cram a PSP-shaped peg into an iPhone-shaped hole;

“Everything has also been improved from the original Playstation Minis version, with updated graphics, new menus and the intuitive touch-specific controls and tutorials. This is the definitive Age of Zombies experience, dressed to impress as a Universal app for both iPhone and iPad.”

Age of Zombies

Can’t wait to get your monster slaughter on? Age of Zombies should be arriving just in time for Halloween, with Halfbrick confirming an October 2010 release.