When I was seventeen, it was a very good year. To party that is. But now that I’m twenty years older, the only partying I’m doing is online.

If I can’t stay up all night and rave anymore, surely I can pretend to rock and roll all night and party every day. Here’s our top 5 games list to party like a rock star to online.

1. Nightclub City: Booyah’s social game Nightclub City is the grand-daddy of all clubbing games online, if only for the fact that just last week, the rock band Kiss just played a virtual concert online in the game world. Now, if they can only book Morrissey from the Smiths and he cancels at the last second, then Nightclub City would really feel like a true club experience for yours truly.


2. Home Fest: This is the latest hit party club game to hit Facebook. Unlike Nightclub City, the party venue is your house, not an actual nightclub. Created by Argentinian company Atommica and featuring music from Sony music Latin America, the game definitely has a Latin beat. It’s still rough around the edges but has big potential.

3. Party Central: This Facebook game is even newer than Home Fest and it gives us the same vibe (lots of potential, work in progress). Reportedly created by Ubisoft, Party Central is literally like the new nightclub (or in this case house party) that opens up in your town but still needs to get some of the kinks out. Still, play it now and you’ll get “street cred” for being first to play.

4. Party Resort: iWin’s latest Facebook game brings the party to the beach. If you like to party but would rather do so on an island paradise with tikis abound, this game is worth checking out.

5. Party Down: I’m posting this game on the list because not all games to party are only on Facebook. A download game based on the cultish TV show Party Down (I’m a fan), this is a fun little time management game.

Got more games to party to? Write away in the comments. Don’t party too hard.