Fans of Peggle had the chance to blaze through the popular pachinko puzzler on their iPhones when it debuted on the App Store 16 months ago, and it looks like they’re going to get to do it all over again. PopCap has finally released the sequel to Peggle, Peggle Nights, to the App Store – but it’s not as straight forward a release as you might expect.

Rather than offering Peggle Nights as a standalone purchase, the sequel is available as an in-app purchase from the original Peggle app. This means if you want to play Nights, you’ll need to own both.

Peggle itself is on sale right now for the more than comfortable price of 99 cents, which is a fairly small price to pay if you want to make your way into Nights. Once in Peggle, the in-app purchase for Nights is going to set you back $2.99 – not bad considering the PC version still sells for $19.95. With Peggle promising 55 stage and Nights promising an additional 60, this could be the best $4 you’ll ever spend on Peggle.

…unless you encounter some problems. Reports are coming in from all over the net that the current version of Peggle (1.2) is buggy and refuses to load for some, while it crashes before the gameplay ever starts for others. If you’re thinking about taking the long day’s journey into Nights, we’d suggest you wait for the inevitable update that should no doubt correct the problems.