Pig Shot Preview

Endless guidance games are about to get a rural touch courtesy of Nexx Studio. Their next iPhone game Pig Shot will place player’s in control of the titular swine as he attempts to roll as far as he can across across the farm.

The gameplay in Pig Shot will see players launch a pig across the ground using a slingshot, and then guide that pig around a variety of obstacles using the iPhone’s built-in tilt functionality. As the pig rolls across the ground, he’ll need to avoid everything from sheep and hay bales to rocks and trees.

Just like in real life, the pig will lose momentum the longer he rolls, eventually coming to a stop. To keep things moving players will need to aim for objects like new slingshots and chevrons that provide a speed boost. Players can also guide the pig over cabbage, giving the swine gas that can be expelled by tapping the screen, which in turn propels them forward.

Unlike most games in the genre, high score in Pig Shot isn’t completely dependent on distance. Players will also be able to collect stars to boost their score, meaning even a short trip with a big star count could outscore a longer one where stars were neglected.

Pig Shot Pig Shot

If you’re looking to show off that high score to your friends, Pig Shot will be making use of OpenFeint leaderboards and OpenFeint achievements.

With a charming cartoon presentation and simple yet addictive gameplay, Pig Shot may be a trip to the farm worth taking when it’s released later this month.