Fans of ngmoco’s popular Touch Pets and We series will be delighted to know that a pair of new releases have just hit the Canadian App Store. Touch Pets Cats and We City are now available as free downloads to Canadian gamers, with a worldwide release expected to follow in the near future.

Canadians sure seem like a lucky bunch lately. With early releases of games like Trade Nations and We Doodle, it seems like iPhone gaming companies give the great white north some sort of preferential treatment.

In all actuality, these Canadian premieres are meant to ensure the highest quality beforea game’s international debut. Most of ngmoco’s games (today’s pair included) are social in nature and rely heavily on servers. To stress test those servers before a launch, companies like ngmoco need a certain number of gamers to get active and start playing. Canada just happens to fit the bill, offering a good number of active iPhone gamers, but not so many that it will cause widespread panic when things aren’t working right.

Don’t live in Canada, but want a taste of We City and Touch Pets Cats today? Be sure to read our previews! You can catch an early glimpse of We City here, and Touch Pets Cats here.