We Doodle Preview

Fans of On5’s Pictionary inspired Charadium will want to keep an eye out for the latest upcoming game from publisher ngmoco. Quietly sneaking onto the internet, We Doodle‘s existence has been confirmed – and it appears to take Charadium‘s gameplay and refine it to a whole new level.

While little is known about the release as of yet, a quick run-down on the game’s official site confirms the following features;

  • Invite friends to compete in turn-based drawing and guessing gameplay
  • Challenge fellow Plus+ players to furious online matches
  • Doodle Assist helps everyone become a finger-sketch master
  • Earn points to level up and upgrade your artistic arsenal, unlocking new stencils, brushes and backgrounds
  • Complete daily goals to earn extra buckets of experience

The screenshots may show a clear Charadium influence, but they also show some pictures that would be fairly difficult to pull off with simple free-hand sketching techniques. While at best we can only speculate, it would seem as though “Doodle Assist” is a feature that will help the artistically-challenged convey their thoughts with the aid of some pre-defined shapes or items.

We DoodleWe Doodle

While no release window has yet been publicized, we can confirm that We Doodle will be arriving on both the iPhone and iPad. Want to stay in the loop when more information becomes available? Be sure to set a Gamezebo game alert!