Bush Whacker makes whacking bushes way more fun than it sounds

Bush Whacker isn’t some cleverly named kidnapping game or crime sim, it’s actually a game where the player goes around hitting bushes with a sword. Yeah, that’s not a punchline. Before you go hitting that back button, whacking bushes is only one aspect of a surprisingly complex game.

The player begins as a amateur Bush Whacker out questing for gold and treasure. He uses the mouse to direct the character to either a bush or a monster lurking about. Bushes take different amounts of energy to whack and their loot is often commensurate with their energy level.

Bush Whacker

When a bush is whacked, you have no idea how fun it is to say that over and over again, it drops items such as gems, gold or mana or power potions. Gold and gems are used to purchase items at the store and the potion can help…well…whack bushes.

Power potions build up your power meter. Clicking on the power button envelops your character in a golden glow and the next bush or monster will have an increased payout of loot. Mana potions lets playerss call upon magic to whack all the bushes in the area.

Each screen is a new area and players must collect a certain item while bushwhacking, reach a certain level or purchase a quest item from the store to unlock a gate. Each area also has a special monster that the player can capture by gathering all the puzzle pieces that are dropped from …wait for it… whacking some bushes.

Bush Whacker

Once the monster has been captured, it will be corralled at the player’s house, located next to the store.

The store is an integral part of the game because not only can it be used to purchase items for energy and customization of the player’s character and house, but also needed items to progress in the game. There is also a carnival grounds, but it is still being developed and not open to players.

There is almost no learning curve to playing the game. Players walk up to a bush and whack it. Players walk up to a monster and whack it. The fun comes from what players get from bush whacking and the monsters you can corral. The use of the mouse versus the arrow keys is also a nice change and it is very easy to maneuver the character.

Bush Whacker

While loot is fine and all, I will admit that I got bit bored of bush whacking after awhile. You literally go from bush to bush slashing them and then they grow back and you slash some more. It can take forever to get those needed puzzle pieces.

Also, the monsters can’t hurt you, so there is no real danger strategy involved with the monsters. I hope to see a more variety of monsters in each area and a little bit of adventure and strategy. Bush Whacker has a foundation, but it’s going to have to bring a bit more to the table.