With Apple Game Center looming on the horizon, diversification is key for any mobile social gaming network looking to weather the oncoming storm. Lucky for Scoreloop, diversification seems to have been their plan since day one. Now they’re using their firmly planted Android feet to help spread the word about the great games available on the service.

Scoreloop has been offering cross-platform support to Google-powered devices since late 2009. Now, as competition like OpenFeint is preparing to make the jump to the platform, Scoreloop is attempting to cement their position as the #1 social network choice for Android gamers with the addition of a Scoreloop Android app.

Not unlike the OpenFeint iPhone app, the Scoreloop Android app allows users to manage their profile, profile, keep tabs on their friends, and – most importantly – discover new games by seeing what their friends are playing.

“Social discovery is a key driver for game sales and the missing link on Android,” said Marc Gumpinger, Scoreloop CEO. “Scoreloop is the Social Network focused on mobile gaming. We’re making sure that anyone with a smartphone can connect to their friends through games. When you’re looking for a game, with thousands to choose from, those games that your friends are playing are your best bet. Now it’s all possible with the Scoreloop app and it’s fun and free.”

In addition to the new app, Scoreloop has also unveiled the latest version of its developer SDK, allowing developers to integrate Scoreloop’s social discovery and cross promotions into their games, helping to increase their visibility amongst Android gamers.

“We’re eager to get started,” said developer JiuzhangTech’s Lei Yong Kai. “Social cross-promotion is very useful because new apps only get a very short window of exposure on the Android Market. Having a set of in-game features leveraging the Scoreloop community will definitely bring new users to our games.”

This is the second announcement in as many weeks from Scoreloop demonstrating their ability to succeed outside of Apple’s wheelhouse. OpenFeint is on track to be making the jump to Android shortly as well. While companies of this nature have told us time and again that there will still be a place for them on the iPhone when Game Center launches, one can’t help but wonder how big that place might be – especially in light of all of this pre-Game Center maneuvering.