Plant flowers, harvest their nectar, and turn it all into honey before time runs out. And keep those bugs away!

It’s time to make a sweet profit in the honey business by helping the hardworking bees plant beautiful flowers and harvest the nectar. Queen Bee needs to see who is boss in the new time management adventure Bee Garden: The Lost Queen. She might be missing, but the bees can handle it, especially with a bit of help from Mother Nature! Take care of plants, make honey, gather new seeds, and keep pests out of sight.

Bee Garden will have players travel through four different locations whose levels task you with planting flowers, watering them, and harvesting their nectar to make honey, all the while fighting the gluttonous bumblebees and pesky, flower-eating beetles that randomly show up to complicate things. The Queen has taken off and left her underlings in charge, so it’s up to them (and you) to stay organized and fulfill the incoming orders, which require honey made out of different kinds of flowers.

Bee Garden

With a click of a button, you’ll be able to tell the bees what to do. It’s important to keep track of everything, or else flowers will dry out, unwanted weeds will grow and slow down your workers, and other insects will ruin your crop. There’s also a time limit for each order, so filling up the honey jars on time is the key to success.

Luckily, the game offers a few power-ups here and there that prove to be helpful. Finding the missing parts of a clock will allow you extra time. Gathering water droplets and a cloud symbol will bring down the rain, and with it faster growing times and automatic watering. Beans and the pod turn into extra flower seeds. Finding these scattered pieces adds to the challenge of keeping up with things, but the results are very rewarding, especially if you use them at the right time. Also, you can buy new planting pots and even train your bees to be more competent at watering and harvesting, which makes the gameplay more efficient.

The best part about Bee Garden other than the engaging gameplay is the presentation. Its undeniable charm surprised me from the start. I was worried about the splendid 3D graphics affecting performance, but the fact is they don’t seem to slow things down one bit. The fluffy bees are cute and comical, and the surroundings are pleasing to the eyes. The game will take you to an everyday farm, followed by a fancy desert location, a Mediterranean island, and the Far East. After all this, I couldn’t help but feel like I wanted a few more locations, but perhaps this will come with a second installment of the game, if the developers find there’s room for that. The music is equally charming and soothing, calming your nerves in the middle of the frenzy.

Bee Garden

There isn’t a whole lot to complain about when it comes to Bee Garden. The game is fun, offers a balanced amount of challenge, and it looks good. If anything, the dark nighttime visuals hinder the gameplay a little bit, and the slow start may detract some players from exploring the game further.

While this game works a lot like other farming titles (ie. Country Harvest or Ranch Rush), the charm of the story and the focus on bees and tasty honey makes it special. Things start on the slow side with a somewhat lengthy tutorial and a lack of challenge, but the gameplay steps up rather quickly afterwards with the inclusion of new pests, stricter time limits, and the addition of power-ups. Bee Garden: The Lost Queen is an addictive title that will be worth your while if you’re into time management adventures with a touch of personality.