Critter Island is a three-hour tour that you’ll take again and again

When I first saw the cute little kitty telling me how to play Critter Island I was a little worried that this would be a cutesy clone of other island sims, but there are enough quirky features to keep players busy and coming back for more.

The premise is not unlike similar games like Happy Island, where players own a little piece of paradise and they add attractions, food and drink locations to keep the tourists flocking in to spend their hard earned money.

Players start with the standards like bars and cheap food stands, but they also can add entertainment such as a petting zoo and water slide as well as decorations like trees, benches, etc. to add a little needed flair to the island.

Critter Island

Tourists come to the island via boat and are dropped off at the dock, which must be opened by the player and stays open for one shift. Each shift costs money to start and when the dock is closed no boats or tourists will come to the island.

Once off the boat, a small icon lets the player know what they are looking for. They gravitate to those places and drink or eat their fill or party to their heart’s content. Each building earns a specific amount of money per tourist plus a tip. The amount of the tip increases as the player earns stars, which are dropped by satisfied customers. Players can earn 300 percent tips if they earn enough stars each day.

Each building has a set amount of product available and must be restocked occasionally. This restocking costs money, but without it there will be no drinks or food for the tourists to eat or drink. Each building can also be upgraded to earn more money and accommodate more tourists.

The fun doesn’t end on the island itself. Players can travel to their friends’ islands and place leis on their tourists for added cash as well as help restock their buildings.

Critter Island

Critter Island is able to do what few similar games have done, which is keep the player occupiedIn other games, once a certain number of tasks are complete or items purchases, the player must sit back and let everything take its course. Player’s fingers will be tapping that mouse button constantly as they collect their earnings from the buildings and earn stars and extra tips. Money is earned quickly and when players aren’t collecting coin, they are restocking and adding to the island’s buildings.

The tourists themselves are interesting as well and can be clicked on to see their happiness level as well as find out their name and see a humorous piece of dialog to get an idea of their personality. The tourists are not only made up your standard humans, but also starfish, porpoises and, of course, parrot heads.

Critter Island

For a game that was just released, it already has a wide selection of buildings and interesting decorations with more promised. Currently, there is no way to expand the island, but that is coming soon.

Critter Island is a fun romp that will keep you busy and takes many of the great aspects from several games and combines them into a tourist paradise.