If you’re a fan of what the house of Sonic has to offer on the iPhone, you’ll no doubt want to swoop in and check out their latest sale on the App Store. With the exception of their latest release Phantasy Star II, almost the entire SEGA catalogue of iPhone games is on sale.

Their higher end $5.99 products have been slashed by 50%, while most of their cheaper $2.99 products have seen a 66% reduction in price – some games are as low as 99 cents!

Asides from Phantasy Star II, the only other games not included in the sale were already 99 cents to begin with. If you’re still in a shopping mood after all that, don’t forget you can always pick up Space Harrier 2 and SEGA Columns Deluxe for under a buck!

Now if only they’d hurry up and release Sonic the Hedgehog 4