Astro Boy: Tap Tap Rush Preview

While it may not have been timed with the release of the major motion picture last fall, it seems as though Astro Boy will finally be getting the iPhone treatment he deserves. A co-production between Tezuka Productions, Widefos, and SJgames, Astro Boy: Tap Tap Rush will be the latest side-scrolling platformer to adapt the popular Japanese series.

With the exception of the 2009 film spin-off, Astro Boy has gone a long time since gracing a handheld platform with his presence. The 2003 GameBoy Advance release Astro Boy: Omega Factor was an outstanding example of portable platforming, and easily one of the best games available on the device – but gamers were never developed a much desired follow-up. Could the franchise see a similar success with this forthcoming iPhone release?

It’s hard to say based on the information available. The weblog Gamepron is reporting that the game will feature a wealth of characters from both the comic book and the original animation – something that Omega Factor pulled off nicely. They’re also reporting that the game will tie in with the 60th anniversary of Astro Boy which is happening in 2011, meaning that the team has at least another four months to work on development before this one might see the light of day on the App Store.

The current plan as best we understand it is that the game will be released in Japan and Korea first with other regions following after. Factoring that in with the 2011 release plans, and it seems as though western fans of the series are going to have quite a wait on their hands before they can play with everybody’s favourite robot child (take that, A.I.!)

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