Wispin Preview

Peaceful kingdoms rarely stay that way for long – especially in video games. The trailer for Wispin lets us know that all is not well in the land of Ether. They have “an inconvenient problem,” which is their polite way of saying they’re overrun by the Bloopers! An race of evil yet colourful creatures, Bloopers can only be defeated by one thing: the color-swapping ways of Wispin.

The upcoming debut title from independent iPhone developer Grumpyface Studios, Wispin explores the rarely tread territory of color rich gameplay. Through the use of a color wheel, players will change Wispin’s color to match those of the Bloopers he’s trying to eliminate. Each color will provide Wispin with special abilities, but also comes saddled with its own color-specific weaknesses.

Once a color is selected, players will then guide Wispin into the Bloopers using their preferred control method. Two different control schemes are available, allowing gamers to tilt Wispin to victory, or go “hands-on” with an on-screen d-pad.

In typical high energy arcade style, Wispin is set to feature a variety of wacky items, power-ups, and a combo system. The game will offer two types of combos – one based on speed and one based on color.



Gamers looking to get in on the color-swapping action can expect to see the game arrive sometime in Q4 2010. Be sure to set a Gamezebo game alert to be notified the moment it becomes available!