Galamon is a poor man’s Pokemon with potential

Galamon is an extremely simple game that melds playful battle with breeding and training fighters called Galamon. Currently, the game is very limited in scope and game play, but I have high hopes for upgrades down the road.

The universe is made up of varied races and cultures apparently all bent on destroying and controlling one another. You decide to take these Pokémon… I mean, Galamon… and instead unite the universe by beating up on all the other bad guys.

Players begin with a spaceship and a few different types of Galamon. The Galamon classes include alien, robot, pirate, cute, zombie, ninja and Ekeko. Yeah, I don’t know what that last one is either. I just hope it isn’t yellow, shoots lightening and shouts “Pika Pika.” Players begin with a space ship in the Pirate Bay system and go to the various stops fighting pirate Galamon. The battles are played out on a large square battlefield and the player can watch the drawn out automatic process of attacks or press skip and just see who won. Winners receive experience, gold and possibly a Galamon egg that can be taken care of and hatched. Winning the battle unlocks the next opponent until you defeat everyone and move on to the next system.


Your space ship includes a room that you can customize with not only furniture, plants and other decorations, but also machines that can increase the stats of the Galamon through training. The higher the stats, the more likely you are to win the fight. Also, by winning battles and decking out your spaceship with awesomely cool decorations like seaweed, skeleton and samurai armor, you gain popularity, which translates to more gold and experience after battles.

Just like some other cute creature game that ends in mon, Galemon comes in common, uncommon and rare varieties: the rarer the Galemon, the more powerful. There are two ways to gain additional Galemon. Battles may occasionally provide and egg, which can be any type of Galemon or buying the eggs directly in packages that guarantee at least one of a certain class. These packages cost in-game gold, but if you want a guarantee of rare Galemon, that will cost players real money.


There is also a second minigame separate from the main game that can be accessed from the Facebook that is a simple racer that use the Galemon spaceship. The faster the player taps a key, the after the ship goes. As the ship moves on, it reaches point markers and after 10 seconds you are assigned a score. I played twice and got bored…time to move on.


There are way too many Pokemon parallels not to feel like it is more than a little ripped off, but the real shame is the lack of any real game play. The fighting gets very boring quickly and is mechanical. The player goes from one to the next to the next to the next. When you get to a point where you lose, then you train the creatures until they have the stats to beat that bad guy and on to the next. It lacks any real storyline and the spaceship sim aspect seems tacked on with no real purpose.

With that said, the game does have potential. Player versus players combat, trading Galemon and an easier way to get Galemon would take this game a long way. Also, a little more story development or maybe some cut scenes or pictures between star systems to help move that plot along. The creatures are cute and there are a variety of them, but it certainly can’t make up for the other aspects. Galemon can fight battle after battle, but they will don’t yet win the battle against boredom.