PC gamers have a new destination for downloading and playing everything from Bejweled and Plants vs. Zombies to Rayman Raving Rabbids and Assassin’s Creed today courtesy of Verizon, which has just launched its brand new PC game portal and desktop application.

Verizon’s offering is similar to Shockwave’s Shockwave Unlimited program, where instead of buying games individually, users pay a monthly fee for access to the entire catalog of titles. In order to browse Verizon’s catalog of games, users first have to download the Verizon Games app, which runs on their computer’s desktop. Users can try out Verizon’s service for seven days, and if they like it, sign up for a $14.99 per month subscription that gives them access to the portal’s entire catalog of 1,500 games for download.

The Verizon games app, which was created in partnership with on-demand game service provider Exent, is designed to mimic the layout of touch-screen devices (like the iPhone and iPad) with a fluid interface that allows users to browse all games without having to jump from page to page or constantly click the “back” button to return to the main page.

Once users have created their profile, they can create an avatar, decorate their own 3D animated Verizon Games Lounge with virtual items and earn trophies and Prize Points while playing games on the service.