Playdom may now be owned by Disney, but that does not stop them from continuing to release new social games.

Playdom has released a new strategy simulation game, City of Wonder, clearly influenced by the PC game franchise Civilization.

In the words of the game’s fan page:

“Stone Age, Classical Age, Modern Age… and beyond! Get ready to advance through the stages of history and transform your humble hamlet into a thriving civilization!”

It’s interesting in that there has been much ado about the fact that Brian Reynolds, who is responsible for the development of the Civilization games, works at Zynga and worked on FrontierVille and Playdom comes along and creates a more Civilization-inspired game for Facebook. Well, I think it’s interesting.


You can be among the first to play City of Wonder now (there are less than 1000 players as we speak). Set an alert to follow any updates on our City of Wonder game page.