Each week hundreds of new games hit the App Store, vying for your dollars. Join us every Friday as we sort through the pile and let you know which games should be on your radar. This week’s releases include a competent Angry Birds clone, objects dropping out of the sky, a trip to the carnival and more!

New iPhone Games This Week is a new feature on Gamezebo. Be sure to check back every Friday to discover the latest and greatest games that have just surfaced on the App Store!

  • Cannon Cadets – Defeat an evil monkey that’s trying to rid the universe of happiness in this wacky physics game that’s heavily inspired by Angry Birds. (Review)
  • Carnival Games – The popular Wii franchise comes to the iPhone, bringing with it a full assortment of carnival-themed mini-game merriment.
  • Ghosts’N Goblins: Gold Knights II – The vintage Ghosts’N Goblins series returns for its second iPhone outing, heart-shaped boxers and all.
  • Gravity Runner – Flip gravity in this pixelated survival game full of deadly obstacles.
  • The Incident – You name it, it’s falling from the sky in this tilt-based arcade experience with a slick 8-bit presentation. (Review)
  • Madden NFL 11 – The most popular video game series in sports in back, and this year they’ve made a few new twists that will help to keep the game a little more accessible to the casual football fan.
  • MotoGP 2010 – The biggest motorcycle race in the world gets a companion iPhone game.
  • Ninjump – The latest game from Backflip Studios, makers of Paper Toss, Strike Knight, and Graffiti Ball, sends you scaling the sides of a building as a ninja in this familiar take on survival games.
  • Solipskier – Draw paths for a ski-jumper in an attempt to land cool tricks in this finger-friendly sports outing.
  • Splode – Bring light and music into a dull and drab world in this unique new indie title from the developer of Dr. Awesome.

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