Delish Challenge tests foodie I.Q., but is no piece of cake

As a person who religiously watches the Food Network and once spent three hours making mocha butter cream frosting, I was excited about Delish Challenge, a trivia game, based on food. While the game provided a variety of trivia questions, a game-stopping bug and uneven game play bogged down an otherwise fun experience.

The game is set-up like the Jeopardy score board with a horizontal row of topics, such as desserts, comfort foods, beverages and healthy eats, and a vertical row of dollar amounts from $1000-$5,000. Each main topic has a subtopic associated with each dollar amount. For example, the healthy category has vegetables listed as a subtopic at the $1,000 amount.

Delish Challenge

Players start with a set number of tickets, which are used up as they play the game. They click on the category and are taken to a quiz screen where they have to get 7 of the 10 questions correct to win the category. The game gives players a time limit to answer a question by picking one of four answers or true or false. Along with trying to beat the clock, players are challenged to beat the score of another player with the winner earning bonus cash.

If they are stumped on a question, players can use up a hint that will eliminate answers, add more time to the clock or pick the right answer for them.

Winning the category earns them the money, a collection piece, which can also be purchased using in-game money, and an extra hint. Once a collection is complete, they can earn tickets or hints. It also raises their level, which translates to starting out being called a cheese grader and earning the right to be called potato peeler. Momma would be so proud. When players win all the categories under a topic, they receive a trophy.

Delish Challenge

I admit that I’m a bit of a foodie and found many of the questions in Delish Trivia to be genuinely challenging such as what was a Kit Kat bar named after. Turns out, it was the Kit Kat Club, who knew? The variety of topics also adds to the challenge as I breezed through the desserts, but got stuck on the healthy food. Too bad they didn’t have a fried food category.

The game is very easy going and perfect for the person that only has a few minutes to spare at a time. There is practically no learning curve and it keeps you coming back for more.

Delish Challenge

While it kept me coming back for more, it didn’t always let me. After using up all the tickets, players have to wait two hours before they earn another. I came back after 24 hours and there were no tickets. I tried clicking on the categories, but couldn’t play and was becoming frustrated. I should have had a full set of tickets and instead all I had was a headache. I finally used Facebook credits to purchase four tickets to resume playing.

The other issue I had was with the questions and the dollar amounts. I expected the questions at the $5,000 level to be harder than those at the $1,000, but that wasn’t the case. The only added difficulty was a shorter time allowance for answering questions.

Delish Challenge had the potential to be a gourmet game, but in the end just gave me heartburn.