Golden Nugget Vegas Casino brings a bit of Vegas to Facebook.

A trip to the casino can be hard on the pocket book, but imagine what it’s like to be the man behind the glitz, glamor and overpriced drinks. Golden Nugget Vegas Casino gives you the opportunity to grow a casino from the bottom up, and play some fun casino games at the same time.

You are a casino mogul with an empty room, a dream and access to a few slot machines and a blackjack table. You start with a small amount of money to outfit your little casino with the basics. You choose from various ceiling and wall patterns, columns and other casino decorations to give it your own feel and flair.

Golden Nugget Vegas Casino

Once the machines and tables are on the floor and activated, people with loose pockets come and gamble. Depending on their luck, you either make a profit or suffer a loss. As you earn gold chips and experience, you gain levels and have access to different types of gambling games. Eventually, you will run out of room and there is an expansion option. The ultimate goal is to grow, expand and become a casino tycoon. It’s going to be a road from nobody to Vegas mogul.

It’s not all business at the casinos. You can help your friends by visiting their casinos and playing their games. Blue chips can be used to play games at friends’ casinos like slots, roulette, black jack and dice. I assume craps and other games will be added in the future. The tables were there, but I was unable to play them.

Golden Nugget Vegas Casino

What this game has going for it, that others don’t, is the backing and development by an actual Vegas casino. If anyone knows how to run a casino, its them. Golden Nugget Vegas Casino is a fun mixture of simulation and casino games. The graphics are good, once you get used to the characters’ gigantic creepy heads. The games look like the kind you see in casinos, and the animations for the gambling machines are fun.

I would like to see a wider variety of games open from the beginning, and a more in-depth tutorial. I had a lot of confusion starting out, because I didn’t realize once the slot machines were on the floor, they had to be activated. Also, accruing money is a slow process in the beginning, especially when some of the games don’t turn a profit. You can actually lose money. The blue chips can also be used to buy items once a store has been opened, which is in development.

Golden Nugget Vegas Casino

I also think adding in some surprise elements to deal with would make the game more entertaining. Some interesting twists might include handling sticky situations with high rollers, thieves and cheaters.

Overall, Golden Nugget Vegas Casino does a great job of melding two gaming genres and will only get better as new additions are added. It may not be the real thing, but it’s the closest you can get to a gaming jackpot.