The Undergrounder – latest screenshots and video

Lowpoly has launched the official website for its upcoming action/puzzler The Undergrounder, which is based on the idea that using underground mass transit in big cities – with its complex, intersecting routes, and various hazards and challenges – is just like playing a game. We also have some new screenshots and a video trailer to show off.

The latest screenshots show the graphical improvements that the game has undergone since we posted our last preview, with an updated display and crisper colors.

The Undergrounder

The Undergrounder

You’ll also get a sneak peek at the first gameplay footage in the trailer below:

The latest word from Lowpoly is that you can expect The Undergrounder sometime in October.

The Undergrounder – alpha screenshots revealed

Subway, metro, underground, tube… if you live in a big city or have visited one, likely you’ve taken an underground train at some point. If you have, then the screenshots from Lowpoly’s upcoming action/puzzle game The Undergrounder will look intriguingly familiar as they’re modeled on those colorful subway route maps that tell you how to get from one place to another.

The Undergrounder

In fact, the inspiration for The Undergrounder is the lives of commuters who use the underground each day to commute to work. The player takes on the role of a worker that must use the underground to complete his or her daily tasks.

The game is very close to entering beta, and the developer has posted a couple of screenshots from the alpha version that we’ve reposted here.

Unfortunately, aside from the screens there’s not much else that we can share about the game at this time. Apparently each level will be full of hazards like “underground faults and congestions, strikes, and work rivals.” The screenshot also shows shiny icons representing power-ups, and blue mobile phone symbols that represent missions that the player can start while playing the level.

The Undergrounder

The game will be available for PC, Mac and Linux. Hopefully Lowpoly will reveal more about the game soon. In the meantime, set an alert if you’d like to follow this game and be notified when we post updates for The Undergrounder.