Slicing and dicing – it’s not just for fruit anymore!

Fans of Canabalt know what it means to run, but they don’t necessarily know why they do it. Maybe it’s the alien invasion in the background. Maybe it’s the crumbling buildings all around them. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s m-m-m-monsters!!! Nah – if it was monsters, they’d need a shotgun to survive that mess. Thankfully, Monster Dash is ready to put one in your hands.

The latest title from Halfbrick Studios, the developers behind the sublime lime-slicing game Fruit Ninja, Monster Dash offers up Canabalt-style experience with a heaping helping of action gameplay. Players will run as far as possible across a variety of exotic locales, battling an assortment of undead monstrosities.

In keeping with the simple mechanics offered by survival games, all of the action will be controlled with two on-screen buttons: jump and shoot. As with similar games, the playable character will continue running on his own accord. Avoid obstacles by jumping, and rain destruction on monsters using a selection of weapons that will include the one shot Pacifier, the electricity-themed Mr. Zappy, and the Machine Gun Jetpack.

If you’re looking to lay waste to vampires and mummies, you won’t have to wait long. Monster Dash is expected to hit the App Store on August 19th!