It’s been 80 years since teen sleuth Nancy Drew debuted in her very first detective novel, and she’s still going strong both in print and as part of Her Interactive’s Nancy Drew adventure game series. To celebrate the milestone, Her Interactive is re-releasing the very first Nancy Drew adventure: Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill. The game has been remastered with updated graphics and sound, characters, puzzles and more – plus a brand new ending.

“What better way to celebrate the anniversary of an icon than to revisit the game that started it all 12 years ago?” said Her Interactive CEO Megan Gaiser.”Fans won’t be disappointed with the full 3-D graphics, new puzzles, vintage Nancy Drew references and of course, a new ending to put a completely fresh spin on a classic gaming adventure.”

Here’s the game’s synopsis from Her Interactive:

“When Jake Rogers is murdered and the killer escapes, Nancy Drew steps in to unravel the mystery and uncover the secret that was supposed to die with him.In pure Nancy Drew style, you must follow the clues, solve the puzzles, question the suspects – including a new one, and ultimately expose the culprit when all others have failed.”

In addition to the enhancements already mentioned, the remastered version of Secrets Can Kill will contain references to past Nancy Drew games and books (such as vintage artwork and game titles). the developers have also incorporated fan-created Nancy Drew artwork into many of the game environments. Unlike the original, which could only be played on PC, the new version of Secrets Can Kill can also be played on Mac.

Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill REMASTERED will launch on Aug. 24 for $19.99. You can preorder the download or retail (boxed) version right now at The game is available in a dual format disc, playable on both Windows PCs and Apple Mac computers.