Mousechief has finally revealed the title and description of the new game that was first announced in a teaser contest during Casual Connect. Arcada Mia is a strategic family drama that promises to “offer an intense, emotional experience of humanity struggling through the ages.”

More from Mousechief:

Raise your family generations from simple laborers to rulers of the land.

The journey is rich in discovery but fraught with ruthless competitors. The

tides of drama, as civilizations rise and fall, challenge the hardiest dynasty.


The gameplay is entirely new. Easy to pick up and play, its depth of strategy

is dizzying. Every turn, optimize the creation and use of resources. Interact

with peers. Make allies. Fend off rivals. Pursue romance for social, material,

or love’s advantages. Prepare children for adulthood. Navigate rites of

passage. Build on the work of ancestors or establish new heritages, to

withstand the tides of history. Every turn will leave you wanting to play just

one more… but it’s even fun to play a few minutes at a time.

Mousechief is aiming for an early 2011 launch date for Arcada Mia. We’ll post more info, including screenshots, as soon as they become available.