Tilt to Live fans who’ve been hoping for another round of free new content have just had their prayers answers thanks to the recent release of version 1.4. That latest version of Tilt to Live brings both new mode as well as a new power-up, but the two occupy very different spots on the thermostat.

“Frostbite” joins Code Red, Classic, and Gauntlet as the fourth game mode available for Tilt to Live fans to tackle. In this latest mode, players will attempt to destroy frozen dots falling from the top of the screen before they reach the bottom. If they reach the bottom, the dots will thaw out in a hot spring and pursue players relentlessly, just as they would in any other mode.

Helping you do battle against in this frosty new mode is “burnicade,” the latest weapon in the Tilt to Live universe. Players who grab the burnicade power-up will be propelled across the screen in a direction of their choosing, leaving a path of fire behind them that will stay on the playing field destroying any dots that wander into it.

Players hoping for further modes and weapons will be disappointed to know that this is the last planned content update for Tilt to Live. One Man Left is looking to shift its focus to new projects. So long as those new projects are on the iPhone, you’d better believe we’ll be covering them.