Car Town brings customized cars and races to Facebook

Once in a while a game sneaks out silently, but brings with it the possibility of opening new doors. This time, that game may be Car Town, by Cie Games; a game that does not branch off a farming landscape and blend harvesting your crops on your little slice of heaven. Rather, Car Town brings a more modern spin into social gaming, by creating a world around another addictive past time: cars.

Although Car Town’s objective may be similar to other fundamental social games, like creating the freshest spot you can (your garage), it takes the formula and spins it on its head. Car Town lets you customize, collect, and race cars against other friends in your network. From the hop, players will notice the hefty customization Car Town brings. Anything from a Chevy to a Lamborghini can be purchased, rimmed out, body kitted, and painted. Your garage has just as much to play with. Bays, new land, juke boxes, these are just a few of the dozens of items to have fun with and move around.

Car Town

These items can be purchased by collecting in game coins that are accumulated by running your own personal garage. Whether it be installing fuzzy dice or performing an oil change for customers; coins are easy to come by. To gather even more coin, you can hire friends to work in your garage and buy some more work bays to work on more than one at a time. Gathering a virtual staff of friends to help out in your garage will maximize the coins in a short period of time.

Players will are also able to customize the cars engines and build up the performance of them to help in races and challenges among Facebook friends. The races are one of the more prominent aspects of Car Town. They are quick and simulate a pseudo drag strip. Unlike more conventional racing games, Car Town utilizes the player’s mouse clicking skills to hit the gas and shift the gears at the appropriate moments.

Car Town

But even before inviting friends to go head, Car Town allows players to practice the challenge beforehand in order to get your timing more precise. The winner of each race will be a combination of the player’s quick time skills, as well as their car’s performance. It’s in these races where players will earn the most coin, so crank out those oil changes, pump up those engines, and get some friends lined up.

Car Town

Car Town not only has races to earn coins with your cars, but allows for lengthy 24 hour road trips or quick 5 minute pizza deliveries. Depending on the amount of time played in these tasks will determine the amount of coin for each.