When we reviewed HexaLex earlier this month, we loved the six-sided take on Scrabble that the game had to offer. What we didn’t love, however, were the limited multiplayer options. Now thanks to a recent update, all of our multiplayer woes have been cured.

Version 2.1 of HexaLex introduces “Shuffle Match,” a new mode that will allow you to play against a random online opponent. Prior to this online matches were restricted to whichever friends could talk into buying the app. Developer Nathan Gray says that online matchmaking has been the most commonly requested feature since launch;

Scrabble and Words with Friends addicts were thrilled to have a new, original crossword game to play; many of them found that cross-training with HexaLex improved their performance in other crossword games! But they made it clear that they wanted to test their mettle against strangers as well as friends. I’m really happy to deliver that option today.”

To celebrate the addition of Shuffle Match, HexaLex is currently on sale for $1.99. The sale ends July 29th.