With a recent move by Facebook forcing their hand to explore other opportunities, monetization company Offerpal Media has just launched a program attempting to bridge the gap between social networks. SocialKast will provide game developers the opportunity to connect their players and promotions across multiple platforms.

“We think that social gaming, if it’s going to continue to grow, will need to be on other platforms. The growth has been stunted on Facebook lately,” says Offerpal’s director of marketing Matt McAllister. “Everyone realizes that the big problem in social gaming today is distribution.”

This may sound like a strange move from a company that has previously been known for its partner program monetization efforts, but Offerpal’s McAllister believes that the two concepts aren’t mutually exclusive. “Our bet is that if we help you get all this distribution across all these sites, you’ll pick us as your monetization partner,” he says. “Our play is still to be the monetization company.”

SocialKast is just one of a number of new initiatives undertaken by Offerpal in 2010. Back in May the company launched GamePoints.com, a partner offers service that let you redeem points earned for virtual currency in a number of games. Up next for Offerpal? Inside Social Games is reporting that they’re looking to move into the world of mobile monetization.

[via Inside Social Games]